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Cyber Girl

Kit Design - Packaging Design
Cyber Girl Front.png

Get into your very own Y2K Look with Cyber Girl 21st Century Makeup! Our formulas are vegan, cruelty free, and all wrapped up in a fun & nostalgic packaging. Become the Cyber Girl you always dreamed of using our brand new Millennium Baby Palette in our limited edition Cyber Girl Kit! 


Logo & Identity Design, Packaging Design,  Student Work


Logo,  Product & Packaging

Initial Sketches
Concept Statemnt.png
Concept & Research
Cyber Girl Front.png
Final Product & Packaging

The kit consisted of 3 lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette, and a hand mirror. I intended to use many material processes to push my skills in hand crafting. I worked with vinyl, hardboard, fur, mirror, spray paint, resin, and even Shrinky Dinks. In the end it came together nicely and I felt this project really pushed me to be detail oriented.


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