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Typeface Design - Typography 3
Plus Object 8069 2023-04-25.png

Grievous is a typeface intended to test the balance between gritty and smooth. The playfulness of dirt/mud painting combined with sharp serifs creates a severity that the name implies. Use Grievous as a way to add texture and visual interest to delicate/clean pieces, while still being legible.


Typeface Design, Illustration, Photography, Student Work


Full English Alphabet, Event Postcard

Full Alphabet
Spec Poster_Final.jpg
Full Alphabet_Final.jpg
Event Postcard

As a speed project we were asked to create a postcard for our upcoming showcase. I thought this would be a nice opportunity to try an use my typeface in a real world application.

I layered and reconfigured the letters over notebook paper to spell out the name of the event. Then I drew quick figures over the top as a fun through line. I thought it was a nice quick and dirty (pun intended) way to show off typography in a unique way.

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