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Greek Gods Greek Yogurt

Company Rebrand - Advertising Design

Greek Gods Yogurt started in 2002 with three friends in Seattle. They all came from Greek-heritage families and loved the food they grew up with in Greece. In 2005 the friends began using tried-and-true old-world methods, traditions and recipes for making yogurt, and Greek Gods Yogurt was born! 

For this project we were asked to rebrand an existing company and create an ad campaign to show how it would be applied. We then created an in depth brand book for any future designer working for the company to follow.



Logo & Brand Identity, Advertising Design, Packaging Design, Illustration, Student Work


Logo, Stationery, Packaging, Ad Campaign, Applications, Brand Book

Brand Book Highlights

For my applications I decided I wanted to create a new packaging design to use in my ad campaign. I spray painted jars, photographed, and Photoshopped on new labels that fit the terracotta theme I created. I went on to create a wooden spoon/plate set, an apron, beanies, and a tent for events like Seattle Bites.

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